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About Prathikshaa Occupational Therapy Centre

Prathikshaa Rehab Centre, Chromepet, Chennai is a social initiative, established in 2004 to help special need kids with Developmental disabilities. They offer services like speech therapy, Special education, occupational therapy, phisiotherapy, vocational rehabilitation and other phisiological services for the children with developmental disabilities like ASD, ADHD, ADD, LD, CP, MR, Down syndrome etc. With the objective of adding meaning to life of special need kids, Prathikshaa’s team works as a single unit and identify the strength and weakness of every individual, this helps kids achieve their maximum potential and conquer the problems of life and lead a successful life. Prathikshaa Learning Centre is a Special School for Autism, CP, MR and other multiple disabilities. Our special school follows the curriculum of a combination of normal syllabus along with Functional Programming for children with Special needs formulated by NIMH, Secunderabad. The checklist we follow is FACP for IEP programming. The grouping is done for all categories of children with special needs between the age group of 3-18 years • Pre-primary (3-5 years) • Primary-I (6-7 years) • Primary-II (8-11 years) • Secondary group (11-14 years) Care group: This group includes children with very low ability and focus on training them in performing basic activities needed for daily life and basic meaningful motor movements and communication. Prevocational group I&II: This group consists of students in the age group 15-18 years. The primary focus of training is on preparing students in basic work skills and domestive activities. Prathikshaa Remedial Centre: Remedial centre provides therapy support those who are in normal stream. Therapies include occupational therapy, speech therapy, physiotherapy and Special education. Early identification and intervention helps better prognosis. Remedial services aimed to develop the child’s cognitive ability, academic skills, self help skills, effective communucation skills and appropriate social skills. An individualized therapy program is designed after assessing each child’s skill and abilities. ShreeSudhan Learning Academy: Shree sudhan learning academy is a school for children with learning difficulties, high functioning autism, school dropouts and ADHD. It has been inaugrated in the year 2010. Supporting children who privately appear for boad exams and who opt to appear for NIOS exams. Samacheer Kalvi / State Board curriculum is being followed in Shree sudhan learning Academy. Classes are handled by teachers who are qualified post graduate along with B.Ed. Vocational Training Centre: Vocational rehabilitation is a set of services offered to induviduals with mental or physical disabilities to find a suitable job that suits their level and ability. Vocational Education and Training, prepares learners for jobs that are based on manual or practical activities.

Services Offered

  • Occupational Therapy

  • Speech & Language Therapy

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Prathikshaa Occupational Therapy Centre

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