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Address: A-73, Sector-34

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About Billabong High International School

Billabong High International School is an Inclusive School Noida and follows a comprehensive Inclusion / Integration Policy. They believe every student is entitled to equal opportunities to discover, enhance and maximize their potential. This gives students the opportunity to learn from peer modeling and develop their sense of empathy and understanding. The school has center for Students with special needs known as “Sanchetna”, which was established with the aim of providing education to every special need child to a school life, which is more than just academic achievement. It gives students a stage where they make their companions, builds up their social aptitudes and nurtures their confidence and self-esteem. School helps students with special needs access the modified regular curriculum in a separate setting through IEP (Individualized educational plan) with the aim to integrate students into the mainstream as far as possible. It emphasizes on individualized therapeutic services- Occupational therapy, Speech & Language Therapy, Psychological Intervention and Special Education.

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Billabong High International School

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