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About Bal Bharati Public School

Bal Bharati Public School is an inclusive school in Noida that believes in the concept of integrated school that provides inclusive education. Since 2008 school has established their Special Education Department called CENTRE FOR SCHOLASTIC INTEGRATION(CFSI). CFSI, presently comprises one school counselor and 2 special educators who work with students having special educational needs. Students with special needs are smoothly accommodated in the mainstream. At present the centre is catering to twenty-five students including 3 with autism, 2 with borderline intelligence, 2 with visual impairment and 18 with Learning Disability. The Centre believes in Play based totally learning and as a result, interesting activities like ‘a day at bank’, ‘Diya portray interest’, ‘Card Making’ etc. are carried out frequently. The special educators conducts one to one and group classes with students. The faculty additionally presents numerous changes for kids registered with CFSI which involves modification in query papers related to questions with options, fill-ups, increased font length query papers together with usage of computer for students with visible Impairment. The school additionally offers decreased curriculum facility upto magnificence V for students with severe problem in academics. Pedagogies To enable these children to function independently and to perform better scholastically, following strategies are used;- ABA– Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is a scientific method to increase and decrease a target behavior using specific techniques. Several ABA techniques have been developed for creating useful skills in individuals with autism of all ages. The techniques are used in structured situations such as formal instruction in classrooms, in addition to everyday situations such as during play. They are also used to develop not only basic skills — such as looking, listening, and imitating — but also complex skills — such as reading, carrying on a conversation, and adopting the attitude of other children. Some of the techniques used are- Reinforcements- Positive and Negative When a behavior is followed by some sort of reward and the behavior is more likely to be repeated then it is termed as positive reinforcement. If the removal of an event serves as a reinforcer, this is termed negative reinforcement.

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Bal Bharati Public School

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