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Indian Red Cross Society

Faridkot, Sadiq Road

Address: (District Branch) Sadiq Road

  • +91 16392 50228
  • redcross_fdk@yahoo.co.in
No Review


Dehradun, Sinaula

Address: 394, Sinaula

  • +91 88590 46829
  • aparnajacob@projectarunima.org
No Review

Latika Roy Foundation

Dehradun, Vasant Vihar

Address: 42/2, Vasant Vihar

  • +91 13527 61014
  • sumita@latikaroy.org
No Review

Raphael Ryder Cheshire International Centre

Dehradun, Mohini Rd

Address: End Trans Rispana Nadi, Mohini Rd

  • +91 13526 74901
  • raphaelcentre@gmail.com
No Review


Raipur, Avanti Vihar

Address: Avanti Vihar, Raipur

  • +91 77140 35441
  • aakankshalsmh@yahoo.com
No Review

Daddy’s Home Special School

Margao, Fatorda

Address: Opp. Mutt Complex, Gogol, P.o. Fatorda

  • +91 83227 59712
  • fr.valmiki@daddyshome.in
No Review

Sethu Centre Child Development and Family Guidance

Bardez, Porvorim

Address: House Number 640/2, Bhutki Waddo VP Succorro

  • +91 77200 13749
No Review

St Xavier’s Academy

Panjim, D B Marg

Address: Caritas Goa, Piedade Institute, D. B. Marg

  • +91 83222 84838
  • caritas@caritasgoa.org
No Review

Fairyland Special School

Goa, Goa Velha

Address: PO Goa Velha Ilhas

  • +91 83222 17854
  • cyenap@hotmail.com
No Review

Spastic Society Gilead Special School

Aizawl, Bawngkawn

Address: Brigade Area, Bawngkawn

  • +91 389 2350019, +91 98623 20032
  • mz_4789@yahoo.com
No Review

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