Support Animals

24 Jul, 2019

If you're a special needs kid or adult, everyday brings a new challenge. Something as small as a new clothing item or new food could trigger a panic attack. Therefore it becomes difficult to venture out and socialise in new surroundings. One can have friends and family for support but it is impossible for someone to be with you 24/7. So what's the next best thing. Of course man's oldest best friend-a dog. Dogs are the cutest and the most efficient support animals out there.

They are of 3 types of support animals-

1. Service dogs- They can be brought into public establishments as they have a high tolerance for a variety of environments and people. They live with their disabled owners as they are specifically trained to assist one person.

2. Therapy dogs- They have a high tolerance for people and surroundings and provide emtional support and comfort to many people.

3. Emotional support animals- They live with their disabled owners and their primary function is to provide emotional support through companionship. It includes others animals and birds as well.

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