She is having a lot of trouble staying asleep at night

01 May, 2020

Freya aged 2 newly diagnosed with ASD and global development delay. She is having a lot of trouble staying asleep at night, waking up to 10 times per night and sleep walks. She started on 2g of malatonin at night about a month ago.. Should this work straight away? Or has anybody any tips as it's getting tiring now??

My son will be 5 in September and has hyper active Autism and he’s not been diagnosed and All his teachers and Health visitor know he has Autism they’re trying to send him to apart time mainstream school for 3 year?? And have never been offered any medication what so ever!... I’d love to know what medications are available and be educated etc but have had no support what so ever from my local authorities it is terrible it really is.

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