Need suggestion how can i improve the behaviour of my grandson.

04 May, 2020

Looking for some advice and suggestions. Grandson is 8 and non verbal. He has started acting up this last month. Peeing and sometime pooing in his room or other places in house. Marking on walls with pen or marker (not sure where he is finding them as they thought they had hid them all). Yes there are some changes his life- covid-19, not at school so out of routine, new baby brother born in January. He is getting attention still even though there is a new baby. He will get mad when they let him know it is wrong to do these things. Will throw a tantrum and slam bedroom door. Any suggestions on how we can help him stop this behaviour before it gets out of hand even more. Thank you

I have baby boy as well, when I found out that I am pregnant I was really worry how my autistic 6 years old boy will react and feel about it. I was thinking that I made big mistake and I was scared, really scared. So when it started to grow my belly, I started to speak with my son about the baby, all the time everywhere. Even he put it a name for the baby-candy cotton (of course we didn't write in the document candy cotton) - but we are calling to the baby candy Cotton still, and make feel comfortable and happy him. And opposite of what I was thinking, my older son love the baby very much. It means the world to him. When I came out of the hospital and my husband took the baby in his hands, my son get angry-don't touch the baby it is not yours, it is my mums baby. He is very very protective and amaze me how care and love it. Good luck honey I hope you gonna be better. Anyway our routine is broken now too, and I hope soon school to re open and very thing to go back to normal.

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