He starts laughing and don't stop.

11 Apr, 2020

My son keeps laughing
He wakes up at 5am starts laughing till we go to sleep again at night. and whenever he is up he makes noise,jumps over me remove my blankets doing all kinds of disturbing things so that I don't rest. Im so exhausted overwhelmed & sometimes find myself crying and crying because of this situation.I dont remember the last time I had a peaceful morning/day.he is 7. how are you copying dear parents especially single parents

We are all in this together mommies. Was telling a friend now that I have been up since yesterday. He was all jumpy and energetic yesterday I couldn't work on my assignment, due today. I waited for them to sleep so that I could work. It was so peaceful and I stayed up all night. We live together with his dad, but he has days where he just doesn't want the other person and yesterday he wanted me and me only. Strongs for you ?

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