Best Therapies for Autism

23 Jul, 2019

Autism Spectrum Disorder is a developmental condition which affects speech and behaviour. It can't be cured but with the help of therapies, autistic individuals can improve their abilties and control the symptoms to a large extent. It's always better to start as early as possible as it increases the chances of having an independent life. Therapy effectiveness varies from person to person.

Following therapies are recommended for autism:

1. Occupational Therapy- Involves activities related to school, work or play. The focus is on development pertaining to child’s needs and goals.

2. Speech Therapy- This focuses on verbal and non-verbal communication. Speech therapists have to work closely with parents and teachers to inculcate this into daily life.

3. Applied Behaviour Analysis- This therapy uses rewards to reinforce positive behaviors and teach new skills. Parents and other caregivers are trained so they can give the autistic child instant feedback. Treatment goals are unique and studies prove that early use of this therapy gives permanent benefits.

4. Social Skills Class- This is mainly to improve the social skills of the child with the help of a therapist and parents. This involves daily practice and role-playing.

5. Therapeutic Horseback Riding- This is a form of physical therapy where a child rides a horse under the guidance of a therapist. It's effective because the rider needs to react and adjust to the movements of the animal which helps children become less irritable and hyperactive.

6. Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS)- This form of therapy teaches children to trade pictures for items or activities. It is designed for those who don’t speak, can’t understand, or are difficult to understand.

Do let us know which therapy worked best for you and your child or if you're following an alternative course of action for autism.

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