Autism and Meltdowns

04 Aug, 2019

Autism is one of the most misunderstood of all the human conditions. Studies show that 2 million people might be affected from autism in India. But the lack of awareness and interest in the condition is so rampant that it's not taken seriously here. Due to this apathy people with autism are grossly misunderstood and have to suffer in silence. Among the most misunderstood things about autism is the meltdown. A meltdown is basically where a person with ASD temporarily loses control because of emotional responses to environmental factors.

We need to understand that it is neither the child's fault nor the parent's. It is definitely not a disciplinary problem or indication of bad parenting. It is completely out of the person's control and is just a result of over-stimulation of environmental triggers. It is the body's way to clear out excess stimulation. They are often confused with tantrums. They key difference between the both is that kids throw tantrums to get something from their parents but meltdowns occur when the child is overwhelmed from the surroundings and doesn't know how to process the over-stimulation.

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