Inclusive Schools in Chandigarh

Author: Admin, Aug 11, 2019

Chandigarh under Samagra Shiksha is striving hard to achieve the aim of providing free and compulsory education to children up to 18 years of age irrespective of abilities and background. Various facilities have been extended to the children with special needs (CWSN) to facilitate their education. They are being included into  mainstream schools to make education more accessible by following the process of their identification and assessment by trained professionals.

Following is the list of inclusive schools in Chandigarh:

  1. St. Anne’s Convent School - Inclusive School, Sec 32, Chandigarh

St. Anne’s Convent School situated in sector 32 is an English-medium, co-ed senior secondary school affiliated to CBSE. It is a Christian minority Institution and was established by the Simla-Chandigarh Educational Society in the year 1977. St. Anne’s Convent School follows CBSE specific guidelines of inclusive children to ensure that no child is deprived of their right to good quality education. To achieve this very purpose, the school has a Special Educator who helps the children to come up to the class level. The special needs kids are supported through assistive devices and trained teachers. Teaching methodologies and infrastructure are modified to meet the needs of these children. The special educator uses various techniques to promote learning.

2) St. John’s High School - Inclusive School, Sec 26, Chandigarh

St. John’s High School situated in Sector-26 is an all-boys, English Medium school affiliated with the CBSE since 1990. The school takes Inclusive Education very seriously and has a dedicated Inclusive Education committee which includes a team of 3 counsellors, 4 special educators, the Principal and general teachers. The team of counselors and special educators regularly sensitize the staff and students about special needs children. Special remedial classes are conducted not only for special children but also for those who are weak in academics.

3) Anee’s School

Anee’s School is a CBSE affiliated inclusive school which began in the year 2002 and is committed to academic excellence and integrity not just for mainstream students but also for kids with special needs. Learning is  provided in a caring and safe environment, responsive to each student, in collaboration with families and the community. It is a co-educational, private high school situated in Mohali and Kharar with over 1500 students from KG to XII.


4) Saupin’s School, Chandigarh - Inclusive School, Sec-32, Chandigarh

Saupin’s School situated in Sector-32 is a CBSE affiliated secondary school set up in the year 1977 which now presently accommodates over 2000 children. The School follows a philosophy of integration and empowerment of the differently-abled and under-privileged. The School understands and fully integrates special needs kids into its mainstream education. They have a dedicated room known as the Resource Room which aims at providing a safe and supportive environment for children struggling with learning difficulties and special needs and eventually helping them to develop into productive and responsible adults.

The entire staff which comprises of teachers, special educators and counsellors closely follow the progress of every child. Children who face any difficulty are guided and counselled to improve their standards. The Resource Room offers reinforcement in English and Maths for students from Pre-primary to Middle school. Children suffering from various Learning Disorders such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Dysgraphia and children with low intellectual ability are taught alternative measures to develop their skills and achieve the academic standards set. Counselling sessions are also held with parents individually to guide them towards behaviour management and teaching strategies to be adopted at home.


5) Vivek High School - Inclusive School, Sec-38, Chandigarh

Vivek High School is a CBSE affiliated co-ed school situated in sector-38. It was set up in the year 1984. The school understands its responsibility as an educational institution with moral obligations and hence has tried to ensure a place for children with special needs. It believes that all children irrespective of abilities and background deserve to be loved, nurtured and above all accepted by all.

Towards this cause the school runs a centre, ‘Jagriti’ that caters to the academic and social needs of children with special needs. The focus is on creating a comfortable and stress free environment where children feel comfortable and realize their maximum potential and the transition from school to the real world becomes a pleasant continuum.

The gamut of activities include improving social, communication, cognitive, language, self-help, pre-academic and academic skills, decreasing unwanted behaviour as well as increasing the concentration and attention span of these students. Children are encouraged to spend maximum time in the regular classroom. Parents are also encouraged to spend time at Jagriti. This helps parents gain a better understanding of the methods used and replicate the same at home. The student –educator ratio is 4:1

6) D.R.A. Bhavan Vidyalaya - Inclusive School, Sector-27, Chandigarh

Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Chandigarh branch was founded in the year 1983. The educational institution has branches all across the country and it focuses on consistent high academic performance and all-round development of the child.. D.R.A. Bhavan Vidyalaya in Sector 27, is co-ed with classes from nursery to XII with a special section established specifically to cater to the needs of special needs children. The children are divided into various groups on the basis of their abilities and are provided educational and vocational training by exposing them to a wide range of activities and events so that they can grow up to be contributing citizens of the country. The children regularly participate in inter and intra school competitions and win accolades for the school.

7) Strawberry Fields - Inclusive School in Chandigarh

The school was established in the year 2004 under the aegis of the Durga Das Foundation for students in Kindergarten to Class 12. It is affiliated to ICSE and offers Commerce, Humanities and Science streams in class XI and XII. It has a beautiful and modern infrastructure that spreads over five acres of land. The school has a teacher-student ratio of 1:14. The faculty comprises of 298 teachers and more than 50 special needs kids are attending regular school and have a dedicated department of trained counsellors.

8) St. Xavier’s Senior Secondary School - Inclusive School in Panchkula and Mohali, Chandigarh

St. Xavier’s School Chandigarh is managed by the International Christian Education Foundation and has classes from nursery to XII with branches in Panchkula and Mohali as well. The co-ed school has a huge campus with a well-maintained playground for the seniors and playpens for the pre-primary wing. The School’s Motto is "LIVE FOR OTHERS" which they follow by providing meaningful education to everyone irrespective of class, caste and religion. The School is synonymous with excellence in academics, sports and cultural activities. They believe that all children are special and deserve education irrespective of abilities. Therefore special needs kids are considered for admission here and currently each class has 4-5 special needs children enrolled in mainstream education with the help of special educators.

9) Kimberley International School

Kimberley International School is one of the preferred boarding schools in Chandigarh. Spread over an area of 20 acres, it is located on the outskirts of the city. The school is recognized and affiliated to the CIE, and follows the IGCSE curriculum. It has an IEP (Individualised Educational Plan) specifically and custom designed for each special needs kid by special educators.

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