9 exciting locations for special need kids near your home

Author: Admin, Jun 09, 2019

Parents being overprotective about their kids is like saying fish love water. The world is a difficult place to traverse even for adults; just imagine how hard it must be for parents to send their kids out to seek and learn. But keeping them indoors is not only impossible but also a little cruel and selfish. Kids love new places as they're a plethora of knowledge and new experiences. Schools provide information and parents have to reinforce it.



Parents can do that by following the aforementioned pointers:

a. Get into your kids shoes Parents are the best judges as far as their kids are concerned. They know about their likes, dislikes, what interests/ bores them, negative and positive triggers etc. Every child is unique. Instead of being frustrated and confused over their choices one can educate oneself and try to be more accommodating. In this internet age every information is available, if not then there are support groups that can help you with specific answers.

b. Don’t be shy and afraid to ask If your neighbor has something that your kid likes, don’t be afraid to go ahead and explain them the situation; most people are considerate and would be happy to help.

c. Explain your child’s special need It's prudent to explain your kid's special needs before going by the place. This will help the host make the necessary arrangements if possible. As a general rule, people’s fears can be attributed to ignorance. If your child flaps his hands or makes loud noises, for example, give them the heads-up, assuring them that it is just your child’s unique way of expressing delight or excitement.

d. Call or email first If you are considering going by a place that isn't generally open to people in general, call ahead and clarify your circumstances. Odds are they will be happy to host you provided they have some notification ahead of time.

If your child loves animals:

A local animal breeder/zoo/wildlife sanctuary More often than not animal breeders would be excited to let the kids play with animals. You may ask your friends and family for reference of an animal breeder, if there is no luck then you may ask this question in relevant special need groups; people in these groups are generally very supportive and you may get a list real quick. In addition, you may do a quick Google search.

A dog training school A dog training school may let kids interact with the dogs during their “recess”. You can even request to watch classes that are just for puppies!

A pet store Pet store could be a great place as kids will get to see a lot of animals, from a bird to a tortoise.

The racetrack The racetrack can be a lot of fun for animal lovers. The majestic animals, the speed thrills the little ones too.

If your child loves vehicles:

The Airport The airport, an airplane museum or a spot under a runway are great ideas if your child likes planes. If you decide to go for the outdoor option, headphones are recommended as those planes can get pretty loud when you’re standing right underneath!

Watching Trains Find a good train spotting location, train station, or a busy railway crossing. Just make sure you and your child keep a safe distance when the trains pass.

If your child loves music:

A rehearsal of your local orchestra If this seems difficult, consider going to high school band practice, or smaller theatre groups as they often won’t mind having a few people in the seats.

If your child loves the outdoors:

A walk in the woods Bring a net to catch and release frogs, make a list or photo diary of all of the animals you see on your walk, take pictures of beautiful flowers or play eye-spy. The sky is the limit!

A greenhouse or community garden For colder climate dwellers, a large greenhouse can be a much-needed break from the harsh weather of wintertime. In the summer, a garden can be an excellent opportunity to learn how to take care of plants.

Please share your input in the comments section below, we would be more than happy to update the blog with relevant information to make it more informative for everyone.

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