post-title You may be Slow, keep your steps perfectly and you will surely win

You may be Slow, keep your steps perfectly and you will surely win

You may be Slow, keep your steps perfectly and you will surely win

You may be Slow, keep your steps perfectly and you will surely win

It was a party day for whole of our batch of students and all eyes stuck when the moment came for announcement of Mr. Fresher which is based on points collected on various challenging activities including academics, co-curricular, sports, modeling and various other competitions. Ours being an engineering college, we have students from different department/specialization and the final Announcement was no surprising for me and many others  as announcement was for my best childhood friend Sandy, a boy of immense potential who today also made me go speechless when he added another feather in his hat.

Not to hide, today I got emotional when I saw tears in the eyes of my friend as he has been selected as Mr. Fresher from our batch but didn’t expressed before him and said, hey come on ‘Sandy, maybe you have bribed the judges and he laughed and replied yes too much and we both started Laughing with tears in our eyes. I hugged him as I knew he was talented enough and deserve better than this. He said, this is not my selection but it’s of my mother without whom this would not have happened. I moved my head in support and was eagerly hearing him express pages from his life.

Real name of my friend is Sandeep but we call him Sandy, he was unable to walk properly in childhood  and faced many challenges and as being the boy next door Many times I watched him standing in balcony of his house and watching other boys in  nearby playground. He was my best friend from school time and his father dropped us to school together and thus our friendship increased day by day. Other Boys hated him and even sidelined him and he happily carried the burden. Whenever I asked him to play with me he smile and asked me he was not interested and kept on reading books .

On a sports day of our school I selected sandy for three leg race, where one of the leg has to be tied as common between two boys and we have to complete the race. Sandy was nervous not about probability of his win but about me to loose the race because of him. We were sitting in Sandy’s house and watching our favorite tv show. He asked me why I selected him even when I knew he has problem and was about to get angry if am trying to make fun of him before the school. I said I am little greedy and may be others cannot see your potential but I know no one else can let me win this race. Before we could proceed our argument, suddenly his mother entered the room and I greeted her Good Morning Aunt, she replied my greet and asked about our competition and found Sandy uninterested to talk over this.  When she insisted, Sandy said Mom you already know the result, so why are you asking. His mom was traditional and religious and said “My Son you must be aware that Lord Krishna has said “You have the right on doing your work and not over result ”, So never worry of the result rather focus on doing your job perfectly , Result will surely be in your favor. Sandy said But Mom you know I have problem in my legs and I can’t even walk properly. I still remember the reply  of his mother, who said, my son , never show other your challenges  and weakness rather face them from the front, you may be Slow but keep your steps perfectly and you will surely win. Sandy seemed to filed with confidence and hugged his mother and said mom, now onwards you will have your real son.

I returned home and to my surprise I watched from my window that sandy was practicing backyards (he fall upon the ground many times but every time he got up and I saw improvement in him. Sandy kept practicing till dinner time. We had 10 more days for the event now onwards.

Next day I found a different Sandy in class. He was full of confidence and participated in almost all activity of the school from discussion, to chat  and now the shy sandy was gone and none other than the words of his mother was the reason for the same . Today When I was sitting with him and discussing lot of things from our childhood days I was happy that Sandy has now been an idol for many youngsters like us who keep on promising and not try to set and achieve our goals perfectly.

Sandy is really  a special gift as he is the most loved boy of our college now  and as  I have watched him fall, stand, run, manage school programs, get selected as head boy of our school, lead drummer of our school team, sports star of our school, full of creativity and participate as model in fashion show  and local product promotion to earn pocket money, I can assure that in the coming days he will surely reach great height of success and continue to be an inspiration for many such other sandy and people like us who are trying to keep our steps perfectly .

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