post-title My chair may have wheels but my soul has wings

My chair may have wheels but my soul has wings

My chair may have wheels but my soul has wings

My chair may have wheels but my soul has wings

In the mid of my first day presentation related to two days workshop with engineering students inside the Auditorium of a particular college, I found a group of 3 students including two boys  and a girl on wheelchair at the door and asking for permission to attend the class. Presentation has already started 10 minutes earlier and without interrupting I permitted them to enter the Auditorium and found the girl on wheelchair took space in front row. Although she was 10 minutes late I found her eagerly asking the student sitting next to her about what has already been discussed till now.  As she was in the front row , so I heard her whispering voice and briefed them the same and continued my session of the day and asked to join next day session at same place and time.

Next day the Lift inside the college was not working and I had to use the staircase. On the way to upstairs I found the same two boys assisting girl with wheelchair to move to next stairs, I saw the same and slowed down my movement and saw the girl herself keeping her steps with dragging her wheelchair and her friends were just to support as friends. I wished to stop them as I found one more floor to be covered but asked them to wait on the same floor and not move to next floor. Got to talk to Management to shift my session on present floor if possible and they confirmed availability. I asked one of them to inform other students to shift to the same floor and got my session completed for the day.

It was after the doubt clearance that I was on rush for the next sessions at other location and met a teacher on the way to downstairs who was talking to the two boys and girl on wheelchair and greeted them while he asked me in friendly manner as why didn’t I or the students didn’t informed the same to management if lift was not working today so that your session could be on ground floor  .Before we could reply the girl on wheelchair replied , Sir my chair may have wheels but my soul has wings and am eager to gain knowledge no matter how much the efforts I have to put for the same. Chair may reflect my present situation but I can never stop me to reach my goal and smiled at the end.  We appreciated her for the same and wished her best for her career ahead We felt proud to have such students who have keep on challenging their challenges and they are really special stars and an inspiration to many.

Learning is one which you can have from anyone and anywhere and depends upon your requirement and perception. Am also sure that those who have heard the voice of that girl must have learnt as how to keep yourself focused to your goal in life and never let your challenges counted and you will never deviate and will always get successful. This is the reason Am sharing her story today after 5 years when I was going through the pages of my old diary. I still wish she must be well settled in her life and must be somewhere adding wings to other’s soul and showering her knowledge to next generation and let the wheel of life move from chair to next successive chair in the corporate life as getting promoted  and be an icon someday too .

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