post-title List of inclusive Schools in Noida, Greater Noida (NCR)

List of inclusive Schools in Noida, Greater Noida (NCR)

List of inclusive Schools in Noida, Greater Noida (NCR)

Following is the list of inclusive schools in Noida & Greater Noida (NCR), integrated or inclusive school means students (including students with special needs) attend and are welcomed in age-appropriate, regular classes. They are helped to learn, add and take part in all areas of school life. Schools should create and outline classrooms, projects and activities to similarly consolidate special need kids.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has made it mandatory for schools affiliated to it to appoint special educators for children with special needs.

List of integrated / inclusive Schools in Noida (NCR)

1) Bal Bharati Public School – Inclusive School Noida for integrated education
Bal Bharati Public School is an inclusive school in Noida that believes in the concept of integrated school that provides inclusive education. Since 2008 school has established their Special Education Department called CENTRE FOR SCHOLASTIC INTEGRATION(CFSI). CFSI, presently comprises one school counselor and 2 special educators who work with students having special educational needs. Students with special needs are smoothly accommodated in the mainstream.

At present the centre is catering to 25 students including 3 with autism, 2 with borderline intelligence, 2 with visual impairment and 18 with Learning Disability.

The Centre believes in Play based totally learning and as a result, interesting activities like ‘a day at bank’, ‘Diya portray interest’, ‘Card Making’ etc. are carried out frequently. The special educators conducts one to one and group classes with students. The faculty additionally presents numerous changes for kids registered with CFSI which involves modification in query papers related to questions with options, fill-ups, increased font length query papers together with usage of computer for students with visible Impairment. The school additionally offers decreased curriculum facility upto magnificence V for students with severe problem in academics.

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2) Step by Step School – Inclusive School Noida
Step by Step School, Noida-inclusive school
Step by Step School is an inclusive school in Noida, The school is committed to children with special needs in acknowledgment of the privilege of each kid to a school life, which is more than about just academic achievement. It gives youngsters their companions, builds up their social and relational abilities and sustains their confidence and self-esteem. Appropriate accommodations have been made in the classrooms, libraries and laboratories to ensure equal participation of every pupil. The Special Needs team works cohesively with the mainstream teaching faculty, Special Educators, Speech & Language pathologists, Occupational/Physiotherapists and Counselors.

Special attention is given to the children in the areas of Physical Education, Drama, Arts & Crafts, Performing Arts, Life Skills and IT. School perceive that kids have distinctive qualities and in this manner anticipate having the capacity to give a differing educational programs available to kids with mild to moderate learning disabilities (with or without related/different difficulties). This incorporates supporting students for the Open Schooling framework and Pre-Vocational/Vocational Training alternatives at the school leaving stage.

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3) Genesis Global School – Inclusive School Noida
Genesis Global School is an inclusive school in Noida, Every student in the school campus is promised respect, independence and self-trust. Therefore, Inclusive Education hones our emphasis on obliging to the needs of special need children and assisting them to be integrated with mainstream education. A multidisciplinary team of closely involved and dedicated special educators, speech therapists and occupational therapists create meaningful and equitable access to a specific curriculum, especially designed for every child keeping in mind his / her strength and weakness. Enhancing a child’s motivation to learn from multiple perspectives, through collaborative teaching approaches, leads to positive outcomes. Inclusion is an on-going process that aims to increase access and engagement in learning for all students by identifying and removing barriers.

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4) Billabong High International School – Inclusive School Noida

Billabong High International School is an Inclusive School Noida and follow a comprehensive Inclusion / Integration Policy. They believe every student is entitled to equal opportunities to discover, enhance and maximize their potential. This gives students the opportunity to learn from peer modeling and develop their sense of empathy and understanding.

The school has center for Students with special needs known as “Sanchetna”, which was established with the aim of providing education to every special need child to a school life, which is more than just academic achievement. It gives students a stage where they make their companions, builds up their social aptitudes and nurtures their confidence and self-esteem.

School helps students with special needs access the modified regular curriculum in a separate setting through IEP (Individualized educational plan) with the aim to integrate students into the mainstream as far as possible. It emphasizes on individualized therapeutic services- Occupational therapy, Speech & language Therapy, Psychological Intervention and Special Education.
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5) Kothari International – Integrated School Noida
Kothari International is an Inclusive / Integrated School Noida and School believes every child has the entitlement to learning experiences which will help them to perform to their best potential. Their Inclusive system recognises every child’s right to a broad, balanced, relevant and challenging curriculum which is appropriate to individual abilities, talents and personal qualities.

At Kothari International Rainbow Department help kids with special needs. At present Rainbow Department is working with 97 kids with varied range of difficulties like Autism, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Cerebral Palsy, Intellectual disabilities etc. Rainbow Department is working with the help of 6 Senior Special Educators, 18 Special Educators and 10 support nannies. The school provides for five resource rooms known as RAINBOW rooms, where students are given the opportunity to explore, experiment and shine. The students work with support in the Rainbow rooms and within the classrooms under the guidance of the class teachers and Special Educators to achieve grade level individualized targets.

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6) Pathways Noida – Inclusive School
Pathways Noida was established in 2010. Pathways has set up Special Education Needs (SEN) department with an aim of providing an inclusive environment for learning to students with mild to moderate learning disabilities and to those needing social and behavioral counselling. SEN at Pathways acts as a full-fledged support system, catering to the needs of students who are slow learners, and students diagnosed with Learning Disabilities such as ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia etc.

The support happens in a variety of phases which include in-class support, remedial, support during prep and planning for tests. Whereas in-class support helps them to cope with the curriculum requirements of the class, the remedial classes helps in reinforcing concepts, developing language skills (reading and writing), memory skills, mathematical principles, study skills, research principles and organizational skills. Students are regularly counseled, encouraged to execute better. Pathways frequently have to utilize different strategies and techniques considering both student’s talents and weaknesses. The strategies are both child focused and child friendly.

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7) The Millennium – Integrated School Noida
Dr Bindu Rana, Director, The Millennium School, Director, Educomp’s R & D Division believes that every child can be a learner if he/she is given a chance to compete with himself/herself. Education for children with special needs has been close to her heart and she has created an inclusive learning environment within the mainstream schools.
School provides the extra care and remedial classes for special children with special needs.

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List of integrated / inclusive Schools in Greater Noida (NCR)

1) Sheoran International School – Inclusive School Greater Noida for integrated education
Sheoran International provides inclusive education in Greater Noida. They try to understand special needs of every kid by utilizing the expertise of their parents and professionals along with globally researched products to help children attain their highest potential.

School remain dedicated to give back to the community by using a portion of our profit to sponsor a variety of events to benefit people with special needs and learning disabilities.

School provide the Speech Therapy Services for speech problems for the children and adults. They involve the parents or the caregivers because they are the best teachers as their link with the child is not only biological but is also emotional. This helps the school build/develop skills more effectively as they involve parents or adults directly in the planning goals and targets. Procedures adapted upon one’s abilites and needs, thus tailor made for each individual. They are especially experienced and trained for the correction of speech disorders of the Hearing-Impaired and Children with Autism and adults.

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2) Jaypee Public School – Inclusive School Greater Noida
Jaypee Public School is an Inclusive School in Greater Noida. As per integrated policy “Counselling Centre” has been an integral part of the school since its inception. The school is committed to children with special needs in recognition of the right of every child to a school life, which is more than just academic achievement. Classrooms are equiped for children with diverse learning needs. Specialized learning strategies are taught to meet their potentials and avoid behavioral difficulties.

The infrastructure of the school ensures an equal participation of every student. Children with special needs have to go to different centres for their required therapies. This is because there are very few Intervention centres that provide a range of high quality therapies under one roof. The school has a Special Needs team comprising of 9 Special Educators, Speech & Language therapist, 2 Occupational therapist and Counsellor who work closely with the mainstream teaching faculty hence, extending a holistic environment under one roof.

Special attention is given to children in the areas of Physical Education, Drama, Art & Craft, Performing Arts, Life Skills and IT ensuring equal participation. School recognize that children have different strengths and thus provide a diverse curriculum, including (NIOS) National Institute of Open Schooling system, accessible to children with mild to moderate learning disabilities-Down Syndrome, Autism, Mental Disability,ADHD (with or without associated / other difficulties).

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