post-title Homeopathic treatment for autism in India

Homeopathic treatment for autism in India

Homeopathic treatment for autism in India

List of clinics and doctors’ providing homeopathic treatment for autism in India. There is no debate that early intervention help kids with special need the same hold true for homeopathic treatment as well. The sooner homeopathic treatment starts the better it is.

1) Dr. Joshi’s Center for Autism – Homeopathic Treatment for Autism, Mumbai, India

Dr. Joshi’s Specialized Homeopathic Treatment for Autism across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India. In addition for parents who cannot travel there is an “Online Homeopathic Treatment Plan” available. The center has been parents of kids with autism for over 15 years. The center promotes early intervention since early intervention along with proper diet plan and therapies have shown remarkable results.

Patients generally ask
Doctor can you cure autism with Homeopathy?

The truth is Autism is not a disease it’s a disorder that needs to be handled; efforts needs to be made to remove problems /path blockers and making the kid independent. Combination of Homeopathy Treatment, Dietary intervention and Therapies could be of help. The center in its 10 years of existance has seen children respond very well to Homeopathic treatment and in certain cases there has been reversal of the symptoms of autism but this again depends from case to case. The center does not claim of curing autism their aim is to give the best possible results and see how the maximum improvement can be achieved along with therapies.

Benefits that can be achieved through Homeopathy and Dietary intervention:
Reducing the hyperactivity
Improving eye contact
Increasing attention span
Improving cognitive skills
Managing the sensory issues

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2) HomeoConsult R&D by Dr. Anish Vaknalli

HomeoConsult R&D (Homeopathic Treatment Center for Chronic Ailments) by Dr. Anish Vaknalli is specialized in personalized homeopathy treatment for autism combined with homeopathic bio-neural supplements capable of improving the sensory-neural pathways in treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Developmental, Behavioral and Speech disorders.

Their treatment has been designed by 3 generations of homeopaths over the past 80 years and after prescribing millions of prescriptions for over a million patients since the 1940’s. Other homeopaths may not be able to mimic these results considering each ones limitations and experience.

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3) Life Force Homeopathy – Homeopathic Treatment for Autism in Mumbai, India

Doctors at Life Force Homeopathy have been practicing homeopathy for over 32 years. Dr. Rajesh Shah has been awarded as “Most Promising & Homeopathic Doctor 2015” at 8th Annual Pharmaceutical Leadership Summit & Pharma Leaders Super Brand Awards 2015. They have a team of 66 people, including 25 full-time doctors.

As per Life Force Homeopathy center, within 6 months of starting the Homeopathic treatment for autism kids have shown signs of improvement however it may be recommended to continue the treatment for a year based on the gravity of the problem faced.

Diet for Autism
As per research in USA and Eupore, significant numbers of kids with autism have had substances with opiate activity in the urine. Some researchers, parents along with doctors have witnessed that kids have shown varied level of improvement in speech and/or behavior after a gluten-free, casein-free (GFCF) diet.

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4) Speciality Homeopathic Clinic – Homeopathy treatment for autism in India

Speciality Homeopathic Clinic And Centre provide homeopathic treatment for Autism in India, Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome and other medical neurological impairments. The homeopathic clinic server kids from birth till 16 years of age. Speciality Homeopathy Clinic was established in 1991 and has clinics across Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Secundrabad. Patients can also get online consultation.

With Homeopathy treatment, Kids up to 6 years starts improving with first 120 days of treatment, after completion of 120 days of medicine, child shows improvement every 45 to 60 days, total treatment time depends upon severity of problem, age of child, and it varies from total 18 to 26 month of treatment.

Doctors at Speciality Homeopathic Clinic

Dr. Ketan Patel (B.H.M.S.) Providing homeopathic treatment to children with autism and other mental disorders for 25 years. With his continued persistence and hard work, Dr. Ketan Patel has proved that Autism among children is curable.

Dr. Kamal Patel (B.H.M.S.) has also been practicing homeopathy for over 2 decades.

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5) Homeopathic Treatment for Autism by Dr. Rohit Jain

Dr. Rohit Jain, BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery) is a consultant homeopathy doctor with over 19 years of experience. Dr. Ritu Jain (BHMS) is Dr. Rohit Jain’s better half. She has written 4 books on the alternative therapies

Homeopathic Treatment for Autism

The main goals of treatment are to lessen associated deficits and family distress, and to increase quality of life and functional independence. Homeopathy being a holistic form of medicine cosider the kid as a whole and the prescription is individualized based on the case / treatment history. Homeopathic treatment typically take 6 months to 1 year to show results, however in some cases the improvement has been seen within weeks or months.

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6) Asha Homeopathy – Homeopathy Treatment in Jaipur, India

Asha Homeopathy – Homeopathy treatment for autism in Jaipur, India. The center has been started by the husband-wife duo Dr. (Mrs.) Manisha and Dr. Manish Bhatia. They are specialized in Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Learning Disability. At Asha Homeopathy, use Classical Homeopathy, Isotherapy (similar to CEASE Therapy but with more effective liquid solutions) and dietary changes to treat Autism patients. In addition, they work with counselors and special educators to assess the progress of autistic children.

Homeopathic Treatment at Asha Homeopathy:

  • Attention Disorders / ADHD /ADD
  • Autism (ASD)
  • Dyslexia
  • Learning Disabilities
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    7) Dr. Ashok Choudhary – Homeopathic Treatment, Jaipur, India

    AVI Homeopathic by Dr. Ashok Choudhary was started in 2000 and is located in Sanganer, Jaipur. He has been practicing Classical Homeopathic approach for over 18 years.

    Role of homeopathy in Autism
    Homeopathic system of medicines believes in holistic approach hence homeopath take detailed case history, which includes the present complaints of the autistic child, his/her past medical history and the nature of the autistic child. In classical homeopathy, doctors’ emphasis more on mental symptoms and as we know Autism child have many mental symptoms and therefore homeopathy gets good results in treating Autism.

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    8) The Laduna Homoeopathic Clinic – Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur

    The Laduna Homeopathic Clinic is located in Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur and was established in 1989. These are specialized in the Homoeopathic treatment of Autism, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, Dyslexia, Learning disability (LD).

    The Laduna Homeopathic Clinic believes in treating the individual holistically by creating regular homoeostasis they increment the protection/resistance/insusceptibility/Natural mending capacity of a person up to such a level that disease is cured by body itself

    Long Term Remedy
    Parents generally experience good results within days or weeks depending upon the severity of their problem. It’s during this timeframe Laduna’s team dwell on the root cause of the condition, they identify the root cause, fix the immune system. The inner environment goes back to an ideal state of working and recovers at a fast pace.

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