post-title Don’t try to Understand, let us take our stand

Don’t try to Understand, let us take our stand

Don’t try to Understand, let us take our stand

Don’t try to Understand, let us take our stand

On a weekend I found people spending their family moments at a monument where I also went to meet one of my childhood friend who has recently shifted in my city. He was bit struck in the traffic and thus I had no other option than to wait and watch people and their activity. I did my best to involve myself in my Mobile handset, reading messages   and started watching news video.

I was almost looking over my watch, which seem to be struck and not working properly as I was there from almost around almost half an hour and still had to wait till I could get his call or hear his voice. Suddenly I found a group of college students who invited me and few other people standing nearby to join a discussion where one of them asked “what would you call a person without a hand” and before I could reply, I saw a beautiful girl on wheelchair and one of her friend arguing over the word “Disabled” with other friends.

On a first note I thought why is there such argument as I have seen many people using the word but as I found the girl explaining am sure the overall view of the same word would also let you to rethink about the reason to make non -existence of the word.   As the word itself takes negative prefix word “Dis” and is itself a negative thought process generating in the mind of the speaker using the word.  So how can we as a human being forget the word “Equality” when it comes to people whom we are unable to understand and keep branded as “Disable”.

Do you really think they are such, don’t you feel somewhere we could not understand them better and use our Hippocratic and traditional mindset and knowledge and sometimes extra smart, scientific brain to define them and their activities where sometimes they are treated as disabled, mad, dependent and many other words which I can’t remember as they all create a negative aura in environment of any individual.

Today I have learnt many lessons from a college girl  and special was her words when she replied to an argument “don’t try to understand, let us take our stand ”  and this is what world now defines as was almost matching to my reply earlier as  “Differently Abled” person, which I was not able to say while I was mesmerized with the voice expressions and confidence of the girl to broaden the narrow mindedness of people who still use negative words and things these special kids as burden without knowing their exact potential .

There are Thousands of globally renowned actors, scientists, politicians, athletes and people from various fields whose records are still unbeaten  and innovations have helped mankind in many ways  as they showed their own confidence, skills and faith to let the world know how they are differently abled and far much better and superior than many others .They challenge the challenges of life and thus they are the real superstars on earth who have faith , confidence and zeal to perform to the world . They never expect others to help them or understand them  rather they wish themselves to be treated and respected as a mankind to let them take own stand  and  a happy life where smiles on the faces should be natural  and feeling to be of fraternity  and not of being sidelined or getting pity or dishearten in any case . Thus before I met my childhood friend I had now more friends  and learning too which surely lifetime will somehow will also change mindset of all those who were present and have heard the voice of the girl  and will surely take their stand too .

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