Discussion ListCategory: AutismDo people in India get diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome?
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India is a third world country with per capital income of $1670 in 2016, ranked at 112th out of 164 countries by the World Bank. In addition there is huge income inequality, India’s top 1% bag 73% of the country’s wealth. USA spent 78% more than India on education.

The awareness level about autism, learning disability etc are still very less in comparison to developed countries. In India it isn’t normal to look for restorative help for mental or psychological condition. In general there is a stereotype associated with mental or physiological condition, the same is not categorized as a problem and people try not to get associated with that, as long as the condition is evident and can’t be ignored. Individuals experiencing any of these disorders face stigma associated and diverse generalizations from society. There is an enormous gap in awareness about such conditions in India. An autistic child growing up in an average Indian family is unlikely to receive any treatment in his whole life.

According to a study by a top child neurologist Dr Shefali Gulati (AIIMS), at least one in 89 children aged between two and nine years have been diagnosed with autism in India.

“There is a stigma attached to the disorder. What people need to understand is that if it is diagnosed early and children receive adequate help, then they can contribute to the society in some way or the other, they do not have to be dependent on others,” says Dr Shefali Gulati, chief of child neurology department at AIIMS, who did the study.

The awareness has increased in a past few years there are more than 400 centers in India that includes Govt, NGO, private institutions and doctors working towards helping kids with special needs.

List of facilities can be seen here: http://specialpride.com/services/item/

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