Discussion ListCategory: Asperger SyndromeDo people with Asperger’s Syndrome enjoy sports?
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Well this will depend what you imply by “enjoy” – as an observer it’s certainly conceivable whether it’s a source of interest. Likewise as a player, and it will rely upon the kind of game and interest of the person. Numerous neurotypical individuals appreciate activities as spectators, numerous as causal players, and an extremely few at a higher degree of skill. Autism doesn’t change the sort of that; however it skews the syndication to some degree more into the onlooker side. Individuals who have Asperger’s Syndrome don’t like playing games which includes a ball since they tend to lose perspective of the ball, say a hockey, football, baseball this because of common motor skills issues.
Individuals on Asperger’s Symptoms can interact with others however there’s a littler need of social contact to them, hence they tend to do excel at individual sports activities, where they can channelize their energy and if it’s their passion bingo, they will adore it.
Following are a few of the individual activities kids with Asperger’s Symptoms may like.
Martial Arts – uses all muscle groups
Running – this develops endurance
Rock climbing – uses every part of the body
Golf – this takes perseverance to complete the course
Swimming – can be an individual or a team sport, uses all muscle groups
Trampoline sports – gives a good workout
Cycling – many people with Asperger’s do well at cycling and it broadens their horizons as they improve their general fitness
List of a few athletes with Asperger’s Syndrome
Clay Marzo (surfing) in particular is an American professional surfer born in 1989 who is recognized for his double jointed style of turns and spins. He’s also considered really creative and even featured in a few films.
Lionel Messi: Regarded as one of the best football players in the world. He is Argentinian, and has played for Barcelona for quite a few years.
Jim Eisenreich (MLB): Jim Eisenreich was a Major League Baseball star in 1982, where he played for the Minnesota Twins. Uncontrollable tics, the result of Tourette’s Syndrome, combined with a later diagnosis of Asperger’s, eventually led to his withdrawal from the MLB in 1984.
NHL goalies:
T. Mac (High School basketball)

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