Discussion ListCategory: Asperger SyndromeDo people with Asperger’s fall in love?
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The appropriate response is yes however there is a catch
Asperger Syndrome is characterized by a lack of communication skills, social skills and reciprocity of feelings. The Aspie recognizes what they think and feel, yet regularly is ignorant of what others think or feel. It can influence you to consider how somebody with Asperger’s builds up a cozy relationship or even gets hitched.
The appropriate response is straightforward: Aspies and NTs (neurotypical — somebody not on the extreme introvertedness range) pick accomplices simply like every other person. They are attracted physically, intellectually and emotionally. They appreciate the likenesses for the solace and the distinctions for the flavor.
We likewise unconsciously seek mates who have qualities we lack. Those with Asperger Syndrome are attracted to a strong, compassionate NT who can handle the social world for them. The NT is attracted to the unconventional nature and innocent appeal of the AS adult. They may detect that the Aspie will permit the NT her freedom. They discover later that the AS mate isn’t supporting freedom — he’s basically unconscious of the NT’s interests. The Aspie’s consideration is barely centered around her or his own particular advantages, not that of the mate.
They unquestionably do fall in love. Every person that I personally know that is an Aspie has fallen in love. Many of them have successful relationships. The best part about falling in love with an Aspie is that they don’t wear a mask.
5 Reason You could love an aspie (Feel free to comment below with your expeiennces, let’s create an exciting list)
1) They’ll always tell you the truth
An AS is going to tell you the great, the terrible, and the monstrous, and will do it without malevolence, without tricky expectations. They’ll simply reveal what they think. Like it, or not. So when they say something they mean it.
What’s more, in some cases AS’s don’t understand that NT’s(someone without autism) like to hear some things over and over like “I love you.” Just let them know. Your AS will probably have no idea why it is necessary, but if it makes you happy, fine. He or she will work it into their daily routine.
2) They won’t cheat on you
Fidelity is really an under-acknowledged virtue and justifiable reason to fall in love an Aspie. If an AS falls in love with you, they will stay as enduring and genuine. They can be enormously forgiving and generous in spirit.
3) No “hidden motives.” What you see is what you get
AS won’t be super sweet if they want something or if they have something else in mind and want your approval unlike most of the NT
4) They make excellent fun friends when you share the same interests.
Not every AS is Mozart or Einstein, but every AS usually has extraordinary interests that they know a phenomenal amount about. They can teach you things about these interests that you would never get from anywhere else. They are, by and large, more than happy and excited to share what they know with you when they aren’t overstimulated. A good reason to love an Aspie is when you find a common interest, they probably know much more about it than you do and will be happy to engage with you in it endlessly.

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