Discussion ListCategory: AutismHow does Art therapy help autistic children?
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Art therapy dates back as far as the 1930’s and is a risk-free way to help your child connect with his emotions. Art therapy is based on the belief that the creative process involved in artistic self-expression helps people to resolve conflicts and problems, develop interpersonal skills, manage behavior, reduce stress, increase self-esteem, and self-awareness, and achieve insight. Art therapy can help people irrespective of the age of the person.
People with autism could be non verbal or may have problem with processing language however a few people with autism have an extraordinary ability to think visually “in pictures.” Art is a form of expression that requires little or no verbal interaction that can open doors to communication. It’s also a therapy and kids may not like it initially but with initial hand holding they learn how to express themeselves using the form of art like drawing etc. Art therapy can be free-flowing or structured, interactive or individual. For children and adults with autism, it can be a wonderful way to open doors to expression. It helps kids express their emotions, feelings and needs that they can’t otherwise.
Benefits of Arts-based Therapy
It enables the child to deep dive into the universe of innovativeness and investigate innumerable conceivable outcomes and endeavor to verbalize that symbolically
It makes kids more confident, builds their self-assurance by identifying and handling emotional issues and concerns
It promotes sharing in a safe nurturing environment along with decision making
It additionally builds fine and gross motor abilities and physical co-appointment
It additionally expands the resilience for unpleasant stimuli while directing self-stimulating behavior into more inventive movement and oversees sensory issues
It takes a shot at the subjective issues experienced by youngsters with a autism
Moreover, it takes a shot at boosting language comprehension, social & self awareness and perceptual aptitudes
It helps communicating sentiments which might be hard to verbalize and subsequently increment communication skills and build up the capacity to perceive and respond to facial expressions.
Group settings, helps in creating help, turn-taking, regarding differences, collaboration and a sentiment endorsement and other social skills that would all be able to be utilized as a part of a wonderful, natural setting.

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