Discussion ListCategory: AutismAre children born with or do they develop autism?
Barbara Staff asked 2 months ago

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Kumar Staff answered 2 months ago

There are various diverse components that could be the reason for a autism. A large portion of these causes fall under one of two classifications: genes and environmental factors. For the most part, autism isn’t caused by only one factor however by a mix of various elements. Some of these components incorporate the guardians’ age during conception, challenges amid pregnancy or delivering, disease or medicine from the mother amid pregnancy, or the child not getting enough oxygen to the brain while the womb.
There is no conclusive scientific study done that could answer “Are children born with or do they develop autism”. At present, autism can’t be dependably analyzed until around 2 years old. Be that as it may, guardians consistently observe signs before by then. Analysis of adolescents’ first-birthday or any other activity of videotapes uncover that a large portion of the symptoms are noticeable well before the child turns 2 years of age, however because of absence of awareness and diagnosis at that age guardians don’t get worried at that early age. Research uncover that a autism can start before that.

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