Discussion ListCategory: AutismDoes autism get worse as a person gets older?
Barbara Staff asked 2 months ago
Kumar Staff replied 2 months ago

One of the largest studies has taken after around 300 kids from age 2 to 21, and has discovered that around 10% of kids enhance drastically by their mid-youngsters. Another 80 percent of the youngsters have symptoms that are strikingly steady after over time.

Another, littler, more focused on longitudinal investigations studies of autism by Tony Charman, chair of clinical child psychology at King’s College London in the U.K. Charman is part of a research team that has followed a group of around 170 individuals with autism from age 12 to 23, and some of them beginning at age 2. Lord’s team used statistical techniques to divide the children in her study into four groups, based on the trajectory of their symptoms from age 2 to 15 years.
The small proportion of kids who improve tend to both start out with a high verbal intelligence quotient (IQ) and improve their verbal skills early on. This is in line with other studies suggesting that language skills and IQ are the strongest predictors of a child’s outcome.

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Mack Galphin answered 2 months ago

This answer can be seen as a pendulum swinging in both the directions. I was diagnosed with ASD in kindergartner, some 9 years back and apparently it seems like I have become “better” I have just turned out to be capable at concealing my exceptional interests, and remaining quiet about my sensory issues, which are still there, yet slightly improved though (I can go to film theaters now, and appreciate a show with ear connects to). My autism has turned out to be less discernible, simply because I bolted it up within me when I found out about the judgment I was getting from others.
So while my relatives may think about my Aspergers to have blurred in all aspects, despite everything I have special interests, endure socially, and have dressing issues. I simply don’t bring it up, and manage it all alone. The social part of Aspergers be that as it may, has become more awful for me. I experience difficulty searching like minded people, and connecting with them compared to when we were children, when individuals were less judgmental, it was less demanding to make companions, and discussions were far simpler. So I haven’t generally improved or gone worse, per say. The ways a mental imbalance influenced my life have just changed.

Karen Staff answered 2 months ago

The autism appears to remain the same. The main contrast is as youngsters grow they begin to understand what is socially adequate and they carry on as per the social standards and attempt to unravel any problem faced by them.

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