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All posts by Rohit Fledge

7 career options for adults with Special Needs like learning disability, autism

With increase in awareness, the career opportunities for adults with special need adults have also seen an upward trend. More companies now welcome special need adults to be a part of their organization not as a charity measure but because they are valuable. Renowned companies that offer inclusive employment opportunity to special need people are […]

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My chair may have wheels but my soul has wings

In the mid of my first day presentation related to two days workshop with engineering students inside the Auditorium of a particular college, I found a group of 3 students including two boys  and a girl on wheelchair at the door and asking for permission to attend the class. Presentation has already started 10 minutes […]

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You may be Slow, keep your steps perfectly and you will surely win

It was a party day for whole of our batch of students and all eyes stuck when the moment came for announcement of Mr. Fresher which is based on points collected on various challenging activities including academics, co-curricular, sports, modeling and various other competitions. Ours being an engineering college, we have students from different department/specialization […]

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