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List of Inclusive Schools in Pune, Maharashtra

The term Inclusive or Integrated can be answered in different ways according to the context, language and audience. In India, we generally use the two terms interchangeably and can mean either integration or inclusion. Inclusive Education, as per NCERT, India Over the years, the term ‘inclusive education’ has come to replace the term ‘integrated education’. […]

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Can Someone with a High IQ Have a Learning Disability?

Can Someone with a High IQ Have a Learning Disability? The terms “Learning Disability” and “High IQ” seem exclusive and contradictory to each other. It is typically assumed that learning things fast is always an automatic implication of a higher level of intelligence. However, the fact is quite the opposite. Research reveals that in the […]

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How to Educate a Hyperactive Child?

It’s a common sight for many parents to find their little ones happily forgo their afternoon nap & play around incessantly. Alternatively, parents often learn from regular complaints at school that their child very frequently stares out of the window while the teacher is explaining important lessons in the classroom. Such behaviour can always be […]

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Homeopathic treatment for autism in India

List of clinics and doctors’ providing homeopathic treatment for autism in India. There is no debate that early intervention help kids with special need the same hold true for homeopathic treatment as well. The sooner homeopathic treatment starts the better it is. 1) Dr. Joshi’s Center for Autism – Homeopathic Treatment for Autism, Mumbai, India […]

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